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Sorry, Charlie

Even if you’re not into seafood (like me), this can’t be good.

According to a study published in the journal Science, there will be virtually no fish left in the ocean within fifty years.

As with most ecological problems, the cause is a combination of many factors topped by over-fishing, pollution, and the destruction of the habitats of both the fish and their food supply.

Of course, this research comes from scientists. And the publication comes from England.

So, file this with all the reports on climate change from foreigners under “It Doesn’t Fit With Our Political Views So It Needs More Study”.

By the way, the BBC not only does a great job of reporting on the study in an intelligent and straight forward manner, they also provide links to more in-depth materials on each part of the problem.

Real information! Why can’t American news organizations do stuff like that?

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  1. Kim M. Bayne

    Tim —

    I won’t really matter if all the wild, ocean fish are gone by 2050. An asteroid is expected to collide with Earth in 2029, according to a Russian astronomer. That is, if a tsunami doesn’t take us all out before then.

    Well, tomorrow is the deadline for including my name on a ride into space. I might as well add my name to the silicon chip, just in case.

    ~ Kim

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