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Spring Remodeling

For those of you who read these rants regularly (and I thank you for that!), you undoubtedly have noticed that something is different. I had been tinkering with a redesign of the page when Movable Type decided to begin charging large amounts for their publishing product and I began looking at a relatively new system called WordPress. I decided to make the jump and the results are what you see here.

The change actually took a lot less time than I thought due to the excellent documentation from WP, including a very simple system for importing the archives from MT. Not including working on the CSS (which I’m still learning), the whole thing took less than an hour this morning. If you’re interested in more details, write me and I’ll pass on what little knowledge I’ve accumulated.

I’m sure there will be problems. For one thing, WP uses php to build the pages so the main page now ends in .php rather than .html, which means that anyone with that old bookmark will arrive at the 404 page. For another thing, I haven’t figured out the directions for redirecting the searches from Google and others. But here it is, my annual spring remodel. Now back to our regular ranting.


  1. Jeff

    Looks slick…I’ll probably have to think about doing the same type of migration in the future. Let me know if you figure out how to redirect google searches and such!

  2. aschoolyardblogger

    Wow, it looks great. I like the colors.

  3. Chris C.

    I also made the switch to wordpress.

    You could create a new index.html file and include a meta refresh tag to redirect users to the new index.php file while everyone gets used to the new coordinates.

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