It appears that the big broadcast networks have suddenly developed a spine. All four are banding together to mount a legal challenge to the $3 million+ fines recently levied by the FCC over what they inconsistently refer to as “indecent” programming.

Not only are the networks calling the rulings unconstitutional but they actually have the guts to claim that parents bear some responsibility for monitoring what their children watch.

Furthermore, the FCC rulings underscore the inherent problem in growing government control over what viewers should and shouldn’t see on television. Parents currently have the ability to control and block programming they deem inappropriate for family viewing from entering their home through the use of the V-chip and cable- and satellite-blocking technologies.

Congress mandated that every TV made in the past seven years have this blocking technology. Every cable and satellite provider offers similar systems.

Isn’t it about time we expected parents to learn how to use them? Along with their ability to work the power switch on the TV?

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