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Still in Recovery

I’ve had a site somewhere on the web pretty much continuously for more than ten years. Until Sunday night.

The server from which all of my pages are dispensed crashed and it took more than 32 hours for the technicians to bring everything back up.

And, for some reason, their backup was a month old, so it will take me a while longer to get the missing pieces from the last month back in place.

At least I’m assuming the server crashed. The company really didn’t offer up much, if any, information for a long time.

The only information came from a couple of vague posts on their own message board – until a few customers started a complaint thread on the same board.

Unfortunately, that lack of communication and support from this company has become all too common over the last year.

Which is one reason why I’m shopping for a new web host (recommendations welcome). I can understand technical problems, even catastrophic ones.

What I can’t accept is excessively long recovery times and bad customer service.

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  1. Miguel Guhlin

    Glad to have you back, even if you’re a month behind!

    After all, you’re the heart of the site….

  2. Bud Hunt

    Yuck. Glad you’re recovering. I’ve had success with both of my hosting companies — Go Daddy and Bluehost. I’d have to say that I like Bluehost a little better due to their technical offerings, although both companies are very responsive to questions, concerns, and desperate pleas for help.

    Good luck with rebuilding.

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