Just what we need to start the week – a new study! This one says that the most stressful place to live in this country is Tacoma, Washington. According to an outfit called Fast Forward, Inc., they came to this conclusion and their ranking of the stress levels in the 100 biggest cities by throwing the divorce and suicide rates and "other factors" into a mathematical blender and pouring a delicious cocktail of a news release. At least these guys put all their sources and methodology on their web site, which more than most survey and study creators do.

The Washington DC area (which the stats people say includes the Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia suburbs – West Virginia??) only ranked 83rd. I suspect that people living in some neighborhoods around here are far more stressed than others. If the researchers took a reading on some of our major highways at around 8 in the morning, then they would know what stress is. Especially last week when we received a small snow and SAVs (suburban assault vehicles) started sliding off the road (one of them onto the communter train tracks).