‘Tis the season for end of the year top-lists, countdowns or whatever you want to call them. In that spirit, the BBC offers 100 things we didn’t know this time last year. It’s very British-oriented, of course, but here are few of my favorites.

The hotter it is, the more difficult it is for aeroplanes to take off. Air passengers in Nevada, where temperatures have reached 120F, have been told they can’t fly. [I’ve had a flight canceled for that reason]

Musical instrument shops must pay an annual royalty to cover shoppers who perform a recognisable riff before they buy, thereby making a “public performance”. [I guess our intellectual property laws are not that bad after all]

Australians host barbecues at polling stations on general election days. [maybe offering voters some ribs would help turnouts for our elections]

Bill Gates does not have an iPod. [what a surprise!]

One in 10 Europeans is allegedly conceived in an Ikea bed. [no comment]

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