11 Interesting Places to Go Inside with Street View

Google Street View cars have driven down many streets around the world. But they’ve also taken their camera array inside of iconic buildings and other locations to offer a close up look. Here are just a few. You can find many more in Google’s Street View gallery.

Monticello – The interior of Thomas Jefferson’s home near Charlottesville, Virginia was one of the first historical sites in the US captured on street view. Use the numbers in the lower right corner to explore different levels of the building.

Burj Khalifa – The view from the 124th floor observation deck of the current tallest building in the world (several other structures aiming to surpass the Burj are under construction). Google captured many other amazing panoramic shots from this location.
Monticello Street View
Flavian Amphitheater – More commonly known as the Roman Colosseum, street view allows you to explore these magnificent remnants of ancient times.

Wembley Stadium, London – From an ancient colosseum to a modern one. Google has taken their cameras inside stadiums all over the world with more added every month. Watch for inside tours of venues from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Angkor Wat – Construction of this sprawling Cambodian temple complex was begun in the 12th century and street view allows anyone to explore the structures that remain.

CERN – Very few people get to see this scientific research center buried near Geneva, Switzerland, home of the Large Hadron Collider, and, coincidentally, birthplace of the World Wide Web.

Scott’s Hut, Antarctica – Feel free to look around this headquarters of the British Terra Nova expedition, built in 1911 and named for its leader, Robert Falcon Scott. Just don’t touch anything.

Emirates Airlines flagship Airbus airplane – Very few of us also get to fly in the kind of style provided by this aircraft. Just one example of how Google is trying to take their cameras iWembley Stadium Street Viewnto lots of places you might not think of.

Adam Savage’s Storage Space - The co-host of Mythbusters is famous for his many builds and large collection of geek artifacts. Visit inside one of the places he keeps all that stuff in San Francisco. As a bonus, you can also drop by the offices for his production company, Tested.

Diagon Alley – It may be from the fictitious world of Harry Potter but who says we can’t visit? Or at least go inside the movie set at Warner Brothers Studio outside of London in the UK.

The TARDIS – Finally, one more sorta fictitious location, the iconic vehicle from the long running BBC series Doctor Who, located on Earl’s Court Road in London. Click on the box to enter and see that’s it really is much bigger on the inside.