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Earthquake Detector

It may be something of a long shot right now, but research into predicting earthquakes would certainly a good use of scientific investment.

But Minoru Freund, a physicist and director for advanced aerospace materials and devices at Nasa’s Ames Research Center in California, told BBC News: “I do believe that we will be able to establish a clear correlation between certain earthquakes and certain pre-earthquake signals, in an unbiased way.”

He added: “I am cautiously optimistic that we have good scientific data, and we are designing a series of experiments to verify our data.”

Despite years of searching for earthquake precursors, there is currently no method to reliably predict the time of a future earthquake. Yet, most scientists agree that some form of early warning system could save tens of thousands of lives.

Not to mention the destruction that impacts hundreds of thousands more.

Meanwhile, Somewhere Else

Since it takes a while for international news to break through the wall of celebrity gossip and political trivia here in the US, I just learned today that a long dormant volcano in Chile began a major eruption last Friday.200805081404.jpg

While that’s interesting enough, it was this slide show of pictures of the event from a news service in that country that really grabbed my attention.

Who knew there was so much lightning associated with an erupting volcano (I’m sure someone other than me did!)? It really does look like something out of a science fiction movie.

Makes the piddly little 1.8 earthquake that got people around here chattering yesterday look pretty insignificant.

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