A columnist for the New York Times offers a very brief analysis of how “hyperconnectivity” is causing Positive Disruption around the world.

Something immense is happening as the world transitions to a hyperconnected state where, for many, the distinction between the real and virtual worlds has ceased to exist. All the trailing paraphernalia of states and borders and government-to-government palavers, not to mention privacy laws, look so 20th century.

I don’t think the world’s leaders have begun to grasp the implications of unstoppable connectivity. Some people are calling this the Age of Behavior: What I do affects what you do, more directly than ever before.

Forget world leaders. Most of our “leaders” at all levels here in the US have no clue.

They advocate for policies built on the assumption that every person is independent and that the country itself is disconnected from the rest of the world.

An attitude that is manifested in the way we teach our kids, what we expect them to learn while in school, and especially in the way we assess that learning.

A model that is also so 20th century and very much in need of some positive disruptions.