Aspiring to Elitism

From Seth Godin’s blog post today

In more and more societies, though (including my country and probably yours), I’d argue that there’s a different dividing line [between those who become the elite and the rest]. This is the line between people who are actively engaged in new ideas, actively seeking out change, actively engaging–and people who accept what’s given and slog along. It starts in school, of course, and then the difference accelerates as we get older.

It starts in school?*

So, in which schools are the kids “actively engaged in new ideas”? Where the staff is “actively seeking out change”?

Maybe Godin’s definition of elite isn’t accurate or appropriate when discussing education.

But it would sure be nice if we could identify in which classrooms kids are encouraged to be “elitist” and where they’re just slogging along.

Just a random thought.

*”of course”? He takes for granted this division starts in school? That’s a sad statement by itself.