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If Nothing Changes, Why Bother?

Over the past few years, I’ve ranted a few times about the 1-1 computing project in the overly-large school district that used to employ me. Last September, every high school student was issued their cheap laptop, and the plan is to do the same for middle school students next fall. Pending approval of the budget, of course.

And, as you might expect, administrators are hearing from some parents with concerns that the “devices are harming the way young children learn”, and worse.

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Maybe Aim A Little Higher Than 1

This week begins a new year for students here in our overly-large school district.1 And for the first time, all high school students will be given a laptop to use in an initiative being called FCPSOn.

But, beyond the basics like how much money is being spent,2 it’s not at all clear how this project will improve student learning. Spokespeople like the assistant superintendent will tell you that “equipping students with laptops is not about boosting standardized test scores” and that the devices will help kids “develop skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and communication”. Continue reading

Questioning 1-1

sign post written in Welsh language

Way back in August, before I took an unplanned five-week blog rest, I wrote a post about attending a community presentation by the overly-large school district that once employed me. The assistant super and his associates wanted to explain their plans for an upcoming 1-1 program.

I ended that post by saying that I have a lot of questions about the project. Let’s start with one of the most basic queries: Why? Continue reading

Observing From The Outside

It has been three years since I left the overly-large school district to set out on a new life as a drain on society.1 Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

But the fact that I’m no longer involved in the day-to-day minutia of instructional technology in the system doesn’t mean I’m not interested anymore. I just have to learn about what’s going on in the school district the same way most of the community does. Continue reading

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