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A Year Away From Normal

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It’s been about a year since the spread of the COVID virus was declared to be a pandemic and the overly-large school district (and many others) sent everyone home to prepare for the sudden shift to online schooling. Not really an anniversary to celebrate.

Now, as they haltingly move kids and students back into physical classrooms (something I don’t expect to be complete until the fall at the earliest), there’s lots of hopeful talk about returning to “normal”. No matter how crappy that idea is.

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What’s Next?


Online school sucks.

That’s pretty much the consensus opinion I’ve heard from teachers, kids, parents, and anyone else with an opinion over the past year. Most teachers will also tell you this has been their hardest professional experience, probably including their first year.

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Fixing Four Years of Damage is Just a Start


In a recent post for the Class Struggle blog, the state superintendent of public instruction for Washington State has ten suggestions for a potential Biden/Harris1 administration “to undo the damage Betsy DeVos did to public education”.

He gets off to a great start with “Grant a national waiver of all federally mandated tests required under the Every Student Succeeds Act until Congress has an opportunity to amend the law.”.

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Yes, Joe, Please Do Give Up On Standardized Testing. And Charters.

Electric Fence

One more bit of education-related bad commentary from The Washington Post, and then I’ll give up on this topic for a while.1

This particular column comes from executives at a “nonprofit working with education organizations”, which is another way of saying consulting firm in these parts. They’ve been given this space to explain “why Joe Biden shouldn’t give up on public charter schools or standardized testing”.

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