That’s the title of Thomas Friedman’s new book, coming in September, and I listened to a sample of the audio version this morning.

As you might be able to tell from the title, he’s building on the world-is-flat franchise, but this particular chapter deals with why we need to deal seriously with climate change.

As opposed to whatever it is we’re doing now.

You’ll pardon me if I’ve become a little cynical about all this. I have read or heard so many people say “we’re having a green revolution”.

Of course, there is certainly a lot of green buzz out there.

But whenever I hear that “we’re having a green revolution” line, I can’t resist firing back “Really? Really? A green revolution? Have you ever seen a revolution where no one got hurt”. That’s the green revolution we’re having.

In the green revolution we’re having everyone’s a winner. Nobody has to give up anything. The adjective that most often modifies “green revolution” is easy.

That’s not a revolution. That’s a party.

Although Friedman does layer it on a little thick at times (same as in Flat), he does make some very good, and very blunt, points.

You can download the chapter free until August 11th and it’s probably worth 45 minutes of your time.

I can’t be sure about the book as a whole, however, since I think the whole flat world meme itself has been beaten flat.