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This Isn’t Instructional Technology Either


Ok, for this rant I’ll probably get some pushback from friends, colleagues, and others, but…

I really don’t get the excitement around Bitmoji1 Classrooms.

I’ve watched some videos about how to create them, read some blog posts extolling their virtues, and followed a few Twitter discussions/arguments between supporters and detractors. EdWeek even tried to explain “why teachers are buzzing about them“. None of it helped.

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Imagine That


To celebrate their first anniversary, a graphics design firm posted a very nice… I guess you might call it an online mini book, called A Guide to Making Things. Nice, simple advice combined with wonderful, simple graphics, animation and design.

Go take a look and bookmark the site for the next time you need a little inspiration.

My favorite is the final page of the Guide, an idea that should be at the heart of all those school mission statements we’re fond of writing.

Make stuff to change the world (even just a little bit)

Imagine if every child finished school inspired to go out into the world and make something to improve our situation. It doesn’t have to be big, just moving a tiny part of the world a tiny part of the way is enough, if we’re all inspired to do it. This starts with us. Let’s get to work. Let’s excite and inspire.

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