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What Are The Kids Up To?

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I’m always rather cautious of major media outlets writing about trends among “young people” or telling us about whatever is hot in whatever the up-and-coming Gen-something is.

No matter how old they are, taking the behavior displayed by a select group of people and extend that to millions in the same demographic, age range, or area of the country is difficult at best. At worst, it leads to unreliable generalizations and stereotypes.

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The Best… Sorta

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Back in February, Technology & Learning magazine, an industry title that has been around in paper format for decades, published it’s “Best of the Year” issue for 2021.1 The annual awards are supposed to recognize “educational technology that exceptionally supported teachers and students last year”.

Except look closer and it’s clear these awards have very little to do with learning.

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It Only Took a Pandemic

As it does about this time every year, the school board here in our overly-large school district just approved a budget for the upcoming academic school year.

I haven’t done much more than read the summary documents but, other than being “focused on COVID-19 recovery”, I doubt there is much surprising buried in the hundreds of pages.

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