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Snow Britannia

As a kid, I lived in a northern suburb of London for a few years and I vividly remember the light snowfall we had one winter as being a major event in the area.

It was not the kind of weather our neighbors were used to, and it caused quite a bit of disruption as they learned to cope with icy roads, closed schools, and snowball fights (we had moved from Omaha, Nebraska).


However, that was nothing compared to what the British are coping with this week.

Heavy snow has brought a fifth day of chaos to the UK, with severe weather warnings issued to much of the country.

Road, rail and air transport is again badly affected, while hundreds of schools have again been closed.

Of course, when I was living there we didn’t have digital images to share on a Google Map mashup, which may not make the whole business more fun now, but certainly more interesting.

Too Early

At 8:30 pm, it’s still 91°?


We normally don’t get this kind of crap weather until August.

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