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Take Your Pick of Risks

There are some people who are legitimately concerned about the health risks of wi-fi and cell phone signals. Often while they’re sitting in front of a huge computer displays.

But scientists in Great Britain are once again saying that they can find no evidence to support the concern.

While investigators from a BBC programme (their spelling, not mine :-) found that wi-fi radiation levels in a school were three times that of a nearby cell tower, the readings were still far below what is considered safe.

So, what if the safe levels are wrong? Or if long term exposure builds up over time?

The chairman of the UK Health Protection Agency things there’s reason to be worried.

From the article is sounds like the programme presented a fair and balanced report. Which means they lined up just as many people with doctor in front of their name on one side as they did on the other.

Considering all the other things we’re told are going to kill us (saturated fat, climate change, rogue asteroids), I’d rather take my chances online than off.

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  1. Betty

    There is something new added to the “worry list” daily. I am glad that it looks safe health wise for us to be online. My cell phone has become my lifeline, and I used to warn my daughter not to use one. I also refused to use a microwave for years.

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