Lots of bloggers write about their jobs, both the good and the bad. Sometimes the whole theme of their writing centers around stories of pain and suffering from their workplace.

So, what’s wrong with someone who works in a Cingular Wireless store ranting about their boss, company policies, and customers like the “Middle Aged Wench of Doom”?

It could be a problem if the blogger is the son of an executive with AT&T, Cingular’s parent company.

Watts’s views about his employer appear to contradict those of his father, Wayne Watts, who is senior vice president and associate general counsel of AT&T Corp., Cingular’s parent company. The senior Watts, whom Jared credits with landing him the job, is defending AT&T’s customer service record before regulators as the company tries to acquire BellSouth Corp.

Since the beginning of civilization, children and their parents have had disagreements. Sometimes the kids do things that embarrass the old folks. It’s the natural order of things.

Today, however, all of this can easily happen in front of the whole world, with the words and pictures persisting well into the future, no matter how fast the materials get taken down.

One more reason why we need to teach kids how to blog responsibly. And why their parents should be very supportive of the effort.

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