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Taxing My Brain

Although we get two extra days to finish the job, today, April 15th, is traditionally the dreaded tax day here in the US.

Another tradition around here is that I postpone the chore of pulling together the tax forms until the last minute. The digital paperwork was filed this evening.

My procrastination isn’t due to a dislike of paying taxes. I really do believe that everyone should pay their fair share to operate the government that we all share.

However, there are several problems in that last sentence.

For one thing, I have no clue if what I’m paying is “fair” or if the amount paid by anyone else is “fair”. I’m pretty sure there are people in much higher brackets who are paying less than me.

But if I was in their shoes, I would also scrounge for every break I could find. It’s the complex pile of laws that makes the whole system unfair.

Basically, I pour the numbers into the software and trust that the programmers have a good understanding of the tax codes. I know the numbers going in are right. I’m not at all sure the numbers coming out are accurate.

Then there’s the part about how the money is used. I’m very sure that a good chunk of what we pay in taxes is misused at best and likely is outright wasted.

For evidence, contrast what we spend every year to blow stuff up (or prepare for it) and the money allocated to plan for and build the future.

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  1. Carolyn Foote

    Just finished doing the same thing, except the software got corrupted so we did it by hand.

    I was dumbstruck by all the special new allowances and credits and last minute rule extensions that weren’t decided by the time the 1040 forms were printed (including the educator credit which was extended, thank goodness). Thankfully, all the forms are online now or we never would have had all of them available.

    Some of the strangest credits I have ever seen, though.

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