Many teachers at independent (private) schools in England are stressed out over their jobs with large numbers reporting they regularly work more than 50 hours a week.

Despite the extra work, the schools say their teachers have it pretty good.

But Dr Steven King from the Independent Schools Council said: “There is indeed an expectation that teachers in the independent sector contribute fully to school life and that can mean longer hours and a longer working day.

“The associated benefits, though, are enormous: longer holidays, better facilities, increased scope for specialization, often more pay, smaller class sizes and a more disciplined classroom regime,” said Dr King.

“It is no wonder then that last year three times as many teachers moved from the state sector to the independent sector as moved in the other direction.”

Actually it doesn’t sound like the situation with British independent schools is much different that of many US private schools.

But public school or private, a 50 hour work week would be a short one for most teachers I know.

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