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The Best! Sorta, Maybe, Could Be

Time magazine offers up their annual list of the 50 Best Web Sites.

They don’t make it clear how they arrived at this definitive collection (poll? editor’s choice?) but however it happens, let’s face it. This ranking, as with most other top-something-or-other lists, are pretty subjective.

Although I found a few sites I didn’t know about and plan to explore, these are only the “best” in the eye of the visitor.

More interesting are their choices for 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without. That collection includes Google, Wikipedia, Delicious, and Craig’s List, certainly all essential parts of the web.

But if we can’t live without these pages, wouldn’t you think they would make up half the 50 best list?

And then there is Time’s choice for the five worst sites on the web.

MySpace? Second Life? Evite?

MySpace was one of Time’s 50 Coolest Websites just one year ago. Has Rupert really changed things that much in the last 12 months?

These destinations may not appeal to everyone, but by no means are they the worst to be found out there in the vastness of the web.

After all, there are 60 million blogs like this one to be considered. :-)

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  1. Bowrag

    Just found your blog under top ed blogs listing on google.

    Looks great…. Glad I found you.

    Think there are really 60 million of your blogs out there?? lol

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