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The End… For Now

Ok, I’m done.

After five days running around San Antonio and this huge conference center, it’s time to go home and sift through my thoughts and notes to figure out what I’ve learned.

Despite all the griping I’ve done in this space over the past few days (I need to work on my negativity! :-), NECC this year has been a good experience and was worth the trip

However, I couldn’t tell you much about the conference itself since I only attended a few of the sessions printed in the program.

Most of my time was spent with the people and discussions swirling around in the halls and lounges.

Almost immediately after getting back it will be time to begin thinking about NECC 2009. But certainly not because any of us needs another massive conference right away.

Next June the conference will be coming to DC for the first time and, since our district is a short Metro ride from the convention center, we’ll be rounding up volunteers as soon as everyone returns from the summer break.

Yes, I’m looking forward to stuffing bags. :-)


  1. Jenny

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to attend next year since it’s so close to home. Any deals for volunteers?

  2. Miguel Guhlin

    TIm, it was great to meet you! I have hope for the future! 8->

    Seriously, I also spent a lot of time in lounges, hallways, and walking around, lurking. I’m grateful to everyone who took time to drop by and say hello, and who was open to saying hello back.

    With appreciation,

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