The Post has a very good article this morning profiling a few of the students who received vouchers under the new federal test that began this week. While I was very impressed with the kids, what struck me were the comments of the parents, which reinforced what I’ve said before in this space. Their children will succeed in school, not because they will attend private schools, but because they have parents willing to go to a lot of time and trouble, not to mention the additional financial burden, to see that it happens.

The article also brings up one point about the voucher program that I missed the first time around. Of the 1069 students involved in the program, 208 already attended private schools. Priority for vouchers was supposed to go to students in DC public schools. However, demand for places in the program was greatest in middle and high school but there were not enough spaces in private schools at that level. Since only 861 are actually moving from public to private schools (out of 65,000 students in DC public), evaluating this program becomes even more difficult.