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The Good Old Days

Apparently yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the first computer virus to be released in the “wild”, meaning spread around outside of a laboratory setting.

For you youngsters out there, this virus was spread by infecting something called a floppy disk which was then hand delivered to the next machine.

The program, called Elk Cloner, was written by a 9th grader (who’s feeling a little old in the nostalgia of it all) and was more of a practical joke than a malicious attempt to mess up computers.

One more interesting piece of trivia, it was written for the Apple II.

Contrast that innocent little prank with the malware situation today.

Most people wouldn’t think of running their computers without several layers of virus, anti-spyware, firewall, and other security software. Not to mention the almost continuous updates to those programs and, of course, the operating system.

Speaking of which, have you noticed that in the ads for the upcoming release of Windows Vista, stores are pushing the purchase of internet and virus security programs right along side of the “most secure” operating system ever produced by the Big Monopoly?

At least some things in technology never change.

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  1. Heather Flanagan

    We’ve been dorking around with Vista for a while. It is fun to use but unfortunately repeatedly crashed us when using Vegas 7.0. Had to use a “previous version of windows”. Anyway, I am going to a lunch and learn on Vista in a couple of weeks and will be posting a podcast on it. Anyone who wants me to send them an email when I have it posted I invite to drop me a comment. http://www.pugettown.com Or you could just subscribe to my RSS feed. ;)

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