I’m on Fox News!! Well… sort of. This takes some explanation so if you’re not interested in my pointless personal ramblings, now would be a good time to watch the Jerry Seinfeld movie mentioned in the previous posting.

I’ve had a site on the web for almost eight years now, starting with an early version of the Top 101 section of these pages. In that time I’ve always been jazzed (and slightly amazed) when I found out that someone was actually reading the stuff I was posting. Occasionally I get email or meet someone at a conference who tells me that they found something they liked and used on my site. Some people suggest new links while a few let me know about errors. Whatever the reason, it’s still fun to hear from visitors, especially since the site is a hobby that was always intended to support the training I do rather than for public consumption.

When I started this blog almost a year and half ago I wasn’t sure what, if any, reaction I would get to my rantings. Mostly I did it to try something new in web publishing, have an outlet for the rantings that nobody at the office wants to hear, and to get some practice writing, something that has always needed improving. As with the rest of the site, it’s a nice surprise when I find that someone is reading this stuff and has actually taken the time to link to something I wrote or when someone leaves a comment, no matter how strange (still trying to figure out the link between school vouchers and the GI Bill).

Anyway, getting to the point (it’s about time! :-), a while back Joanne Jacobs wrote an entry where she linked to one of my posts along with a reaction to it written by Chett over at ReformK12. She didn’t agree with my position (and neither did Chett, of course), but that’s fine – it’s all part of an honest debate. I didn’t know, however, that Joanne also writes a column or something for the Fox News web site until I saw a bunch of referrals from Fox show up in my site statistics.

So, I’m on Fox News. I’ll still don’t like their propaganda – but hey, I appreciate visitors from anywhere. Welcome!