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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I have a new job. Or, more accurately, I’m moving back to the job I had before the one I have now. This is going to take a little explaining so if you’re not among the three or four readers who are interested in my personal ramblings, click on a link at the right to visit the proprietor of one of those fine sites.

One of the advantages of working in a large school district (like the one that employees me) is that there are many different opportunities for teachers, both in and out of the classroom. Some of those jobs in our system are temporary, allowing people to grow by trying something new or working on a special project. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past year and a half, working to develop an online professional development program for the teachers in our system. Sometimes those temporary jobs turn into permanent ones. In this case it didn’t and my time has run out.

Rather than being disappointed, however, I’m the positive type (occasionally naively so), always looking forward to change. This new/old job will involve working with the technology trainers in our schools, providing them with training and support. As a result, I’ll be doing more teaching (the students will be adults, which is a whole different kind of teaching) and I’ll be spending more time in the schools than I do now. And the variety that goes with this position really appeals to a short-attention-span type like me.

So, that sums up the most recent alterations in my life. And it’s inevitable that the postings here will change as well – isn’t that what a blog is all about? But for now we return to our regular rantings.

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  1. Jeff


    Good luck with the new position. There’s an awful lot of cool technology that doesn’t get used in school because the learning curve is steep. I hope you can change this for your district.

    Sounds like a cool job!

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