Speaking of not trusting technology (as I was ranting about in the previous post), the Big Monopoly seems to think that you want them running your whole house. At the home office in hell Redmond, WA, the BM has a model home that’s been "personalized" to respond to what it thinks the homeowner wants. When you arrive home, the house changes the lighting and music to fit your preferences. This home will even talk to other "smart" homes to exchange information about the owner – with permission, of course. :-)

I can accept using some kind of biometric scan to get in the front door but the rest of it seems like more of an intrusion than assistance. I certainly don’t need a bunch of "smart" appliances in the kitchen. How can the refrigerator figure out what I need to buy at the store when I have no idea what I want to eat? The computerized bank of recipes seems especially useless (wasn’t that supposed to sell the PC Jr.?) since what I really want is a Star Trek replicator to make the food for me. Besides, I remember many of these predictions being displayed in the Disneyland House of the Future which was around long before Billy Gates learned enough to steal write DOS. Of course, nothing in that house really worked either.