The Titans Ain’t Happy

Sometimes working in a large bureaucracy like ours can be rather amusing. Especially when the people running the place decide to pass a missive down to everyone in the assembled masses.

Last night we received one such decree, this time advising us that we are no longer allowed to place quotations in the signature lines of our email messages.

Now, I haven’t used a sig line quote in quite a while. So, I’m pretty sure I’m not the cause for this particular proclamation (not this one :-).

However, I would love to see the line that got someone in the pantheon so upset.

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2 Comments The Titans Ain’t Happy

  1. Tim Lauer

    Today we finished up the last day of school with students. I just read this post and in light of everything else we have to worry about, it is comforting to know that someone, someplace, reads signature files… And worries about them… Like you say, wonder which one pushed the folks on Olympus over the edge… This stuff cracks me up…

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