How much is your superintendent worth? Or, maybe the better question is, how much does your district pay them?

According to the Post, the guy running our overly large school district is getting around $420,000 a year, including “benefits and perks”. And that’s 60 grand less than the head of a slightly smaller system in this area.

Superintendent salaries in the nation have increased by almost half in the past decade, according to the nonprofit group Educational Research Service. Schools chiefs, on average, received $141,191 in fiscal 2007. In school systems with at least 25,000 students, the average pay was $204,766.

Salaries have soared in a national bidding war for qualified candidates. Talented superintendents, comparatively plentiful 10 or 20 years ago, have left the field in droves for better-paying, lower-stress positions. They have been driven out by the demands of the No Child Left Behind law and by the increasingly shrill politics on school boards, an increasing number of which are filled by elections rather than appointments.

All those big salary numbers may sound excessive, but I’m not going to complain about what the boss gets. Not that it would do any good anyway.

I just wish that when the high-priced leadership of our system gets together, they would realize that a 2% increase for the rest of us is NOT the same as “cost of living”.

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