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The Virtual SXSW

South by SouthWest (SXSW), the Austin event that has expanded from a music festival to a celebration of film and interactive media as well, finishes up tomorrow.

For those of us who would love to be there but don’t have a sponsor with deep pockets to pay the bills, the organizers are offering an abundance of audio and video from the sessions.

A poor substitute for attending SXSW but my iPod is happy.

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  1. Carolyn Foote

    Even if you are in Austin(which I am) and trying to attend, you can only see one millionth of what is available, so it’s great having the online tools. Plus it makes it much easier selecting who to go see, since there are samples of films and music online.

    I posted more about how SXSW is using technology on my blog, by the way, especially about how twitter is being used there.

    The best shows I saw were Serena Ryder and the John Hammond quartet, both at Cedar Street. And Harris Tweed and Bic Vega were good as well.

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