It seems that a growing number of people are now waking up to just how much of a train wreck No Child Left Behind really is. Two parents of students at an elementary school just around the Beltway from here have some very pointed observations of the law as it relates to their children. They wonder why, despite some "impressive gains in student test scores", NCLB still says their school is "in need of improvement".

But the two parents have done their homework and know exactly the problems behind this one-size-fits-all law.

… many teachers and principals do not see the No Child Left Behind Act as a tool for raising student performance but rather as a law written to guarantee that no matter how hard they work or how well they educate their students, they will be treated as failures.

Even more discouraging, the law’s penalties and sanctions have taken effect without the resources that President Bush and Congress promised schools to help meet the new standards.

Hopefully more parents will come to understand just what NCLB is doing to the schools their children attend. More than just the statistical mumbo-jumbo that goes into whether the fed passes or fails the school, they also need to realize how educational resources are being redirected from real learning into the development of skills for passing standardized tests.