Recently I was watching an interview with some financial expert who was asked when he thought we would recover from whatever we’re now calling this economic mess.

He said something about it taking at least two years before we would be back to “normal”.

Normal? Is that really our goal?

It seems to me that the conditions from the past few years that this and many other “experts” would consider normal are exactly what we don’t want, exactly the stupid conditions that caused the problems in the first place.

So, is “normal” our goal or should we aim for something better?

I recall someone recently being quoted as saying that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. In many ways, that makes a lot of sense.

A crisis, at least one that doesn’t involve immediate life or death situations, can be a great opportunity to do a complete re-evaluation how things are done.

It should force us as a society to do that and then make some very necessary major alterations which, in normal times, would not happen.

And then we have the American education system, one of the few significant parts of our society that has changed very slowly, if at all, over the past half century.

I wonder if our current financial crisis will have any effect our traditional system for educating children.

Or, once the problems with the economy get fixed, will we go back to normal.

I’m not sure I’m optimistic, considering that the near total upheaval in the way information is processed and communicated over the past decade hasn’t done much to push things outside of the education box known as “normal”.