Think Before You Blog

Following my recent ravings about teaching internet safety, Dee posted an excellent response on her site, including a good list of questions anyone should think about before blogging.

As a student blogger, before you post, read what you have written with the following in mind:

What if a future or present employer read this?
What if a family member or friend read this?
What if this were printed in a local newspaper?
What if this were written by someone else – what opinions might you form about the writer?
What if a teacher or student at another school read this?
What if your future teenage child or grandchild was reading this?
What if this comment were on a screen in front of an educators conference?
What if you were trying to find the person who wrote this – are there any personal clues?

Something to think about. And to encourage kids to think about.

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3 Comments Think Before You Blog

  1. Kelly Christopherson

    Some really good questions for all of us to think about. I would add “What if you were asked to read this to your family?”
    We need to really work on showing all people who blog that integrity is important and being “anonymous” doesn’t give one license to do or say anything. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Dee

    wow – what a nice surprise. I like the comment about adding your family to the list and I was thinking future spouse as well. It would be interesting to get a group of students brainstorming and see how their list would compare. Thanks for quoting me.

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