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‘Tis The Season

Last Friday was supposedly the “kick off” for the Christmas buying season here in the US, although I started seeing holiday displays and ads back in September.

Being a confirmed humbug, however, I bought nothing on that hallowed day. But it had nothing to do with silly protests like Buy Nothing Day.

There was simply nothing in the ads that made me want to stand in the cold at 5am waiting for a big box store to open. Besides, no one I know deserves to be stuck with a $599 flat panel TV.

Continuing with the theme of consumption overload, today is supposed to be “cyber Monday“, the increasingly mythical day when people go back to work and use the office high speed access to do some shopping on the web.

I won’t be participating in that event either.

Mostly because my broadband connection at home is generally faster that the one at my office. It also doesn’t have any strange filters attached.

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  1. Miguel Guhlin

    So, what flat panel TV do you recommend that inexpensive but 30 inches minimum? My “old” tube is dying (flickering images, sound static) and though I hate to see it go, I hate the thought of paying big bucks for HDTV.

    Advice, O Wise One?


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