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To Learn Something, Ask A Kid

During a meeting with some of our trainers this past week, we discussed methods for assessing the current tech integration skills of their teachers (other than multiple choice surveys).

One idea they didn’t have on their list that I threw out for their consideration anyway was to ask the kids.

As I expected, the idea fell pretty flat.

I realize it would be a scary prospect for some teachers. And it could potentially screw up the trust relationships these people have built with the staff at their schools.

However, students could offer some unique and very revealing insight into just how all that expensive technology is actually being used in the classrooms.

And, if done correctly, it’s possible to get some good information without embarrassing anyone.

Besides, it’s about time students were more intimately involved with designing their own educational programs, including the use of technology for teaching and learning.

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  1. KG

    One of the things that I find VERY interesting is that our teacher evaluation system actually provides for a student survey as part of the teacher evaluation.

    The purpose of this survey is to allow you to give your teacher your ideas about how this class might be improved. You are encouraged to add your own comments and suggestions.

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