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Total Security

A colleague wanted to know who filled the role of Mordac in our overly-large school district.


Even I’m not stupid enough to put the answer to that question in print. :-)


  1. michelle

    OMG! This cartoon could not be more appropriate for some things that have happened in my district this week! It’s nice to know that we aren’t the only ones fighting this battle – but on the other hand it is disappointing to know it is so widespread that it made a cartoon.

  2. diane


    You’re lucky if you have only one name in mind!

    Here it’s more a convergence of forces:Administration, BOE, IT, Parents…
    [none of whom read blogs, so I’m reasonably “safe” making this statement].


  3. Tim

    You’re safe, Diane. They certainly don’t read the comments section of blogs. :-)

  4. Mark

    C’mon, Tim, won’t you at least give us a first letter of a first name? ;-)

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