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Truth in Local News?

One of the local news programs around here recently presented one of their short, breezy tech reports, this one about parent access to a local school district’s class publishing system.

In the story, a parent excitedly describes how she can now monitor her children’s homework and other classroom activities by logging onto Blackboard.

The reporter then goes on to explain how mommy and daddy can also see tests and attendance records and adds a few statistics on the incredibly large numbers of parents who are online.

Very nice. Except that most of the details are either wrong or misleading, only applying to those students whose teachers actually use the system regularly.

And that parent in the story who speaks glowingly of this new “parent portal”?

She’s the assistant superintendent for IT for the district in question, a point of information found nowhere in the report.

To add icing to the cake, the laptops being used by her kids in the video are property of the school district.

Just one more little snippet from the PR machine in our overly-large school district.

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  1. Mark

    Good grief !!! ;-)

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