David seems to think those of us who attended the EduBloggerCon sessions at NECC were in something of an echo chamber.

It’s easy to attend and participate in something like the EduBloggerCon and to sit and teach and learn through casual and potent conversations and pat ourselves on the back and say, “look at me! I get it!“ There was so much energy in that experience, we can’t help it.

He’s right, of course. However, I, for one, love to attend events like this (and the conference itself) for exactly that reason.

I get to spend time and interact with a group of people who really do “get it”. Or at least are open minded and curious enough to explore new ways to improve their professional practice.

Of course, the bubble must eventually burst, dropping back into the real world.

At the same time, it’s just as easy to return to our home offices, read through our spiked blogs, and wonder, “What kind of tower were we on?”

But that’s ok too. Especially since most of us, I think, returned with an expanded circle of colleagues with whom to continue the conversation and continue our learning.

So now comes the hard work, David’s challenge of finding some middle ground between the ideal and status quo.

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