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We Promise To Play Fair. Really We Do!

The FCC voted yesterday to approve the buyout of Bell South by AT&T, forming the country’s largest telecommunications company.

To make the deal happen, AT&T agreed to observe the principles of “network neutrality”.

AT&T says it will “maintain a neutral network and neutral routing in its wireline broadband Internet access service” for two years and that it would not sell services to Internet content providers that “privileges, degrades or prioritizes” traffic over its wireline broadband service.

But it makes an exception to the company’s Internet Protocol television service.

All that legalese probably contains plenty of loopholes through which train loads of exceptions will be driven.

In the end, however, an agreement like this – one with no force of law – means very little.

I’d feel sorry for those folks served by AT&T but around here we have to live with Verizon. Their twin 800 pound gorilla.

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  1. Ms Cornelius

    What does it mean that I am old enough to remember the last time AT&T was the gigantic gorila in the room?????

    I don’t think this is a good idea…..

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