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We’re Shocked! Shocked, I Say!

Lots of education-related bloggers (and others) have jumped all over USA Today’s story about the Department of Education paying Armstrong Williams to promote No Child Left Behind on his syndicated TV show and in various other news outlets where he’s a paid talking head. But why is anyone surprised? For W and friends, manipulating the media through any means available is just a natural part of their political process. They have a whole cable network at Fox "news" shilling for their policies.

However, there are two more questions to be asked related to this revelation. Who else is being paid to promote the company agenda? (Let’s face it: Williams is not exactly an A-list pundit.) And, why don’t more real reporters challenge the promotional garbage from both sides that masquerades as commentary/analysis in the media these days?

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  1. JennyD

    I have quite a different take. Come look….


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