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What’s Core to a Good Education?

The Massachusetts Board of Education is considering whether to add visual and performing arts classes to MassCore, the list of required credits for high school graduation.

Most high schools in the US list math and English among the “core” subjects and art and music classes in the “electives” category.

But for at least some of our students, wouldn’t they be better served if the arts were core with math as an elective?

Just a Sunday morning random thought.

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  1. Doug Johnson

    Hi Tim,

    If you believe Daniel Pink and Richard Florida and others who promote right brain abilities and creativity as the key to economic success in a global economy, yes.

    It worries me that we may be cutting or at least minimizing the most import skills kids need.

    Oh, next time I see you in person, I hope I make the connection between your name and blog. Had I done so in Atlanta, we could have had a nice conversation. Sorry for being so clueless.


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