Another podcast that made the commute easier this week was a talk by Anil Dash of Six Apart (home of TypePad and Moveable Type) who has an interesting take on blogging and who’s doing it.

Dash notes that, although there’s been a lot of talk about the concept of “citizen journalism” and blogs becoming the “new media”, that’s a very small part of the mix, less than 10%.

The vast majority of bloggers, don’t want to talk to the world, to be the definitive voice on a particular subject.

They simply want to connect with a relatively small number of people they care about.

That doesn’t mean that blogs are not competitors for the big media outlets, however.

Dash claims that there is not as much of a gulf between the “expert” blogs and private, low traffic blogs as some analysts would believe. Rather, he warns that the New York Times is really competing with family gossip or photos of a friend’s new puppy for readership. While the type of content is different, the deep value of blogs is in the ability of ordinary people to share their regular lives with the people who care about that subject, which is a much more loyal audience than any newspaper could command.

That sounds about right to me.

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