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Windows Update

If anyone out there might be wondering how the whole running-Windows-on-a-Mac business is going, it’s going quite well, thank you.

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m using Parallel’s Desktop for Mac virtualization software, which allows me to run Windows XP in a Mac window, instead of Apple’s Boot Camp, which requires rebooting to switch between OS’s.

The engineers at Parallels have made big improvements with each beta release and this week offered up a final release candidate which looks great.

While I’ve tried a variety of standard software on the Windows side (including Photoshop Elements), I still haven’t thrown any high powered games at it. But, so far, all of it works at least as well as it does on the PCs we have around the office.

The difference is that when I’m finished being frustrated with Windows, I can shove it down in the dock and go back to using the Mac.

Next up: let’s try putting an install of Linux in there.

It’s good to have a choice.

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  1. Mark Rippy

    I’ve just downloaded and started playing with Parallels software. XP loaded great, Fedora Core 4 and 5 gave me kernal panics on the OS X side each time, but Suse 10.1 loaded no problem. Now I just have to find some time to play with it all. Oh, yeah, it’s June. I guess I have some time. Anyway, have a great summer.

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