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Working on the Plumbing

About a year ago I switched this little rant fest from a hand-crafted mess of pages to the more orderly structure of Movable Type. For the most part I’ve been very happy with the tools MT provides (even though some strange things have been happening in the background lately). Their system was even more impressive because it was free for those of us not trying to make money from it.

Now comes the news that as Movable Type moves to version 3, they are also going commercial big time. The new pricing structure is going to put this system out of reach for a lot of amateurs, with the lowest priced supported package costing around $100, discounted to an "introductory" $70 (it looks like the older version will still be free). On top of that, version 3 has some major restrictions on the number of logs that can be maintained and the number of authors.

All of this arrives at a point where I’ve been planning changes to other parts of this site to make those pages easier to update by using a web log structure. So, now I’m looking into testing another web log package in those other sections. One that seems intriguing is WordPress, an open source project that uses a php database-driven system. Considering how much I currently know about php, I’m not sure I could explain that last sentence but that makes moving to WordPress (and learning a little php) even more interesting. Yes, I am a geek. :-)


  1. Mike

    I am also looking to move to WP. I’ve donated to MT in the past, and like it in general. But I’ve had a few issues and simply want to see what’s out there. My son-in-law is the php expert, so I asked him for some advice.

  2. Tim

    I just started a test of WordPress for another part of the site at http://www.assortedstuff.com/top101/wp I’m not using much of the system but so far it seems to be pretty slick. On the other hand, I just noticed another problem in my MT installation, this time with the commenting system.

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