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XO Update

Forget the Kindle! According to the email that arrived last night,

Your donated XO laptop will soon be delivered into the hands of a child in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia or Rwanda.


… your XO laptop is scheduled to be delivered between December 14 and December 24.


If you’re interested, the Give One Get One program has been extended through December 31.

xo computer, donation, give 1 get 1


  1. Dave

    I read this post as “Tim will receive his laptop in time to post about it and help me decide whether to Give One/Get One” …and I’m excited.

  2. Tim

    Wow! Heavy responsibility! :-)

    I will do my best.

  3. Chuck

    I purchased 2 XO Computers at the end of NOV.
    I haven’t found much documentation on them.
    God bless the child who has his own.

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