So, who or what do we blame for the SAT recording it’s Biggest Score Dip in 31 Years?

It could be that there aren’t enough kids taking the SAT two, three, or four times.

At a press conference in Washington, College Board officials blamed the drop in scores not on increased test difficulty, but on fewer students taking it more than once.

Fewer students taking it more than once also isn’t good for the College Board’s bottom line.

Could the ridiculous length of the test be at fault?

The officials rejected the view of many students, counselors and SAT preparatory course teachers that the score drop was the result of fatigue from the longer test. The new SAT is 3 hours and 45 minutes and can take more than four hours, counting breaks.

It certainly couldn’t be the writing portion of the test since this is the first year it’s been added to the mix.

But wait a minute. Let’s take a look at the numbers and do a little of that SAT math.

The average score on the combined verbal and math sections (the “classic” SAT) fell by 7 points, from 1028 to 1021.

That’s a “plummet” of less than 1%.

The memory of my basic statistics may be fuzzy but I believe they call that insignificant.

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