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You Can Lead a Kid to Veggies But…

When school opens this fall in the overly large school district I work for, the kids are going to find some different options for lunch. They’ll be looking at a menu that includes raw zucchini, whole wheat hamburger buns and pasta, and no Little Debbie snack cakes.

Other changes include middle school kids only being able to buy french fries as part of a "balanced lunch". (I think that already applies in elementary.) I wonder if they’ll still offer the "balanced" pizza and fries combo. Or the "breakfast for lunch" special – pancakes and syrup (no fries, thankfully).

It’s great that the trend is toward offering healthier choices in the school cafeteria. However, I hope no one is expecting any big changes to the kids’ eating habits just from these alterations.

Teaching kids to make the right nutritional choices begins at home. And, by all accounts over the past decade or two, there’s not a lot of movement to the good happening in most of them.


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  1. I agree that this isn’t the end-all be-all solution, though some of the stories/statistics I’ve seen have been suprisingly promising. Have you seen SuperSize Me? There’s a whole part on food in schools.

    The most important thing, though, is that they have a choice. At our school the snack machines had nothing but JUNK. Kids that I talked to said they would buy healthy stuff if it was available but there wasn’t anything. This year is supposed to be different.

  2. Try teaching in Texas. We can only have class parties 3 times a year, and we are restricted on foods that can be handed out (this includes birthday cake). All of this is according to state law. The only good thing is that they did away with the stupid Coke machines, which cause more problems than they were worth.

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