Teacher training programs in colleges have come under a lot of fire in the past few years (not totally undeserved) but this (scroll to the bottom of the page) is first I’ve seen of a college actually backing up their program with a guarantee.

Old Dominion University guarantees that the teachers it trains are competent, and now it’s promising to take them back for more training if schools are unsatisfied.

William Graves, dean of the university’s Darden College of Education, said the promise to retrain ODU grads with less than three years of teaching experience at no cost to the school or the teacher is a way of showing accountability.

The guarantee will go into effect formally with next spring’s graduates, Graves said. It does not apply to teachers instructing outside of their specialty or those who did not get their initial degree from Old Dominion.

Since you don’t learn to teach from sitting in college classes, ODU’s practice teaching program must be dynamite!