In his short Monday morning post, Seth Godin discusses how a lack of responsibility and communications is a major “flaw in the system” of a big company.

Here’s the first half of his entry1 with a few adaptations (in bold) that might just fit a hypothetical overly-large school district.2

A good teacher says, “I know that this is a serious problem, it’s hurting our students and we can do better, but I can’t do a thing about it because it’s run by a different department.”

A version of this might conclude with, “And I don’t even know the name of the person who’s responsible.”

This is a sure sign of systemic failure as well as a superintendent who is not doing the job she should be. When smart people who care get frustrated, something is wrong.

Gee, I guess in some aspects school systems are not that much different from big business.

1 Apologies to Seth for using more than what would be considered fair use. I would hope he understands the context.

2 Strictly hypothetical, of course. :-)