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A Turkey Threatens Airport Safety

Every holiday season we get new stories of the infinite ways people discover to do stupid things. However, this report from the morning paper takes the cake.

Or rather the turkey.

Some folks who work in the administrative offices at Dulles Airport near Washington DC thought it would be a wonderful idea to set up a turkey deep-fryer in their offices, “just a few hundred feet from the control tower”.

I can’t imagine why anyone would be upset.

Kieron Heflin, a representative with the air traffic controller’s union, complained in a letter to management: “It has . . . come to my attention that the Dulles Management decided it would be a nice idea to DEEP FRY A TURKEY in the Dulles administrative quarters, surrounded by carpet, linoleum, an airport, aircraft, a control tower, thousands if not millions of gallons of jet fuel and thousands of passengers and employees.”

If you’re flying through Dulles in the next few days, try to have a happy holiday. :-)

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  1. Ms Cornelius

    Oh my, that brought about quite a laugh in my house! Thanks ever so much for that little nugget. Priceless!

  2. Bigs

    At least they had some good intentions… too bad they didn’t fully think about what they were doing. Just imagine if something actually had happened…I can see the headlines now…LOL.

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